Background: The Closing the Gap Strategic Plan was developed from a pre-membership survey and from data gathered at a retreat held in February, 2016. The purpose of the retreat was to refocus the Coalition’s mission, goals and objectives.  Several internal and external goals (see below) were identified to improve achievement of the Coalition’s mission. The Strategic Plan will be updated and reviewed each year.


Internal Goal 1 – Revise and approve the CTGC mission and vision statement. (Completed- December, 2016)


Internal Goal 2 – Develop and sustain policies, practices, and structures to clarify volunteer guidelines, roles and expectations. (Completed-March, 2017)


Internal Goal 3 – Develop marketing materials such as brochures, website, etc.


Internal Goal 4 – Conduct session with CTGC members to have the hard discussions on organizational parameters (diversity, race, economics, special needs).


External Goal 1 – Conduct at least one public forum, or teacher appreciation activity:  Support BOE forum.  (Completed-October, 2016)


External Goal 2 – Improve technology gap for affected students.


External Goal 3 – Support the implementation of the new CCPS Equity Policy.


External Goal 4 – Provide support to District Equity Leadership Teams (DELT).


External Goal 5 - Continue ongoing efforts to increase hiring of minority teachers.


External Goal 6 – Provide advocacy resources and training opportunities for parents of children with special needs.